Wednesday, April 10th, 2024

I'm a digital artist and also fandom enthusiast. I started building this site long time ago at the beginning fo the Pandemic of Covid-19, I believe I created it in 2019, but I never got to complete anything about it due to university and other irl situations.

I want to create a site that is truly myself, I am mostly tired of social media and I want to see if I can create a place where I can put everything I like, this includes mustiples hobbies, fandoms, and also my creative projects.

I don't know if this site will be as visited as others, I still remember the era of the Geocities but as a 90s kid/00s teen I never got into it that much, I will try to see how and with what to update this place.

For now on, I will keep working in all the things I need to put in tos site, especially battling the HTML/CSS which I remember very little of XD.


This website is under heavy construction, many pages are currently unfinished and use placeholder art. If you run into a broken page or 404, please check back later! This website is best viewed on desktop or tablet-sized devices, but it should still function on mobile.